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More than just a website.
Creating a strategy that gives your unique company the identity it deserves.
Our team combines powerful web technology with creative ideas to build an optimal and robust web application

WE ARE <div>elop


Driven by creative thinking, our team thrives on looking beyond the obvious. Thinking that goes beyond what you see, solving problems and building a reality that starts with your dream.


Whether you are looking to increase your marketability with a new website, or maximize efficiancy with a web-based application, project planning is part of the package. We make a comprehensive plan that guaruntees delivery of a product that meets the clients needs on time as well as within budget. SCOPE, TIME, COST!


Don't stress over compatibility. The finished product will work across platforms, giving your clients more options.


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Matthew Adams

Co Founder

Matthew Adams is a recent graduate of Lindenwood University, where he earned a BS in Computer Information Systems as well as a double minor in Business Administration and Interactive Media and Web Design. He is currently working on his Master's degree in Business Administration at Lindenwood.
Matthew is a dedicated, organized, personable, and self-motivating individual who is always looking for ways to better himself. His creativity and understanding of website development along with his ability to listen, plan, motivate, and lead, makes him a valuable member of the team.

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Anthony Mcpherson

Co Founder

<div>elop's oldest member, Anthony Mcpherson graduated from Lindenwood University with a BS in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration.
With his military background, Anthony brings many years of working directly with people in diverse professional settings to the company. He is a quick learner with an ensatiable apetite for information on the newest of technologies.
Specializing in web development and database design, Anthony supports our creative efforts by providing practical and scalable applications.

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Tyler Knipfer

Co Founder

Tyler Knipfer is currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science from Lindenwood University and graduates December of 2015. As the Chief Information Officer of divelop, Tyler is exceptional with his management of IT resources. His insight and recommendations for technology and computer systems plays an integral part in the success of each project we take on. He enjoys finding new web templates and features, giving our team an extra dose of creative juice.

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Seannell Chambers


Seannell Chambers is a recent graduate from Lindenwood University, earning a BA in Advertising, Public Relations: Corporate Communications.
Throughout her years at the university, Chambers has earned numerous awards showcasing her writing abilities and desires to become a copywriter in the advertising industry. In this year alone, she received The Rift Fournier Dramatic Script Award, American Advertising Federations (AAF) Most Promising Multicultural Student Award.
Chambers has a niche for creativity and loves to express it. Whether it's through the artistry of words or visual design, her passion for creative flare is never short of unimaginative, making her the perfect piece to this puzzle.


Web Design

Technology meets creativity! It is no secret that todays marketplace is flooded by competitive forces. We aim to <div>elop an exclusive identity, transcending your project or business to the level of success it deserves. By blending passion and purpose, <div>elop will customize design and business solutions that fit your demand.

Web Development

We transform technical, complex ideas into simple solutions to make life easier for our clients. Solid applications that deliver optimum functionality and increase the efficiency of the organization. Seamless integration between the front end user interface and back end database. Clean, intuitive, and functional designs make the user experience a pleasant one.

Search Engine Optimization

Make every click count. Strategy, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, and content marketing – all with focus on generating leads and growing your business. Make sure search engines understand what you are trying to say. No matter how many links you develop, no matter how much off-site content you publish, you are dead in the water without solid on-page optimization.

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A web based application packed with functionality for personal trainers and their respective clients.


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